November 22, 2007

Small Priced Kashmir for a Great Cause
exceptionnal sale until December 1st

From her gallery Le Cachemirien Rosenda Meer sends out her invitations to dream and travel. Through her sensibility this Italian born designer is able to evoke a world of light and faraway places, an atmosphere where soft colours caress the air. Light draped dresses, that seem meant for a priestess, magnify an elegant silhouette. Whilst if a cool breeze blows, one can put on a coat in pure pashmina for warmth.

Since 1995, when Le Cachemirien opened its doors, Rosenda Meer has entrusted her designs in a unique range of colours to the craftsmen with whom she works. Hence the attention to detail; the silk lined hand finished clothes and an impressive variety of shawls. Here luxury coincides with bespoke tailoring. Wearing such garments one feels as if in cocoons, woven from the thread of different cultures.

Rosenda Meer is organizing from November 27th until December 1st an exceptionnal Kashmir shawls and merinos wool clothes SALE - with prices starting as low as 25€!

All proceeds from the sale will go towards supporting the Yateem Trust's school for orphan girls in Kashmir.

a unique opportunity to combine small pleasures with great causes

Le Cachemirien
16, rue de Tournon
75006 Paris
Tel : 01 43 29 93 82


October 29, 2007

4 Me By
High fantasy ! Accessoirissimo...

Granddaughter of Alain Bernardin, creator of the Crazy Horse and the inventor of The Art du Nu, and daughter of Sophie Bernardin, painter and artistic manager of the Crazy Horse, Julie always soaked in a universe of creation.

She worked with Isabel Canovas after the Studio Berçot, and could only develop herself this atavistic talent.
Her very personal universe is translated by a wide range of jewels corresponding to knocks of heart for an object or an association of elements which, by their variety and their humour, set the tone.

The concept is simple and effective, each will find the jewel which makes him unique. All carry a name-symbol, corresponding to the story and to the message which they convey.
Unique style made from vintage materials, semiprecious, recovery or simpler, in the hand, by very Julie.

4 Me By
115, rue Vieille-du-Temple 75003 Paris
Tél : 01 42 77 30 06

Métro: Saint-Sébastien-Froissart
Ouvert du mardi au samedi de 12h à 20h, dimanche à partir de 14h

you can also find Julie's work @
Le Bon Marché 24 Rue de Sèvres 75007 Paris ♥ Galeries Lafayette 40 Boulevard Haussmann 75009 Paris ♥ 157 157 Rue du Faubourg St Honoré 75008 Paris ♥ Madame des Vosges 14 Rue de Birague 75004 Paris


Artoyz Shop + Gallery
More than a passion , a lifestyle!

ARTOYZ is the very first french shop dedicated to the Art toys, Designer Toys, Urban Vinyl, Urban Figures , DIY Figures, mini figures, Qee, Be@rbrick, Kubrick, Ciboys and plush world...

"Art toys", real name designer toys is a term used to describe toys and other collectibles that are produced in limited editions (as few as 50 or as many as 2000 pieces) and created by artists and designers. Designer toys employ a variety of materials; plastic and vinyl are most common, although wood and metal are occasionally used. The term also encompasses plush, cloth dolls and latex.
Prominent creators of designer toys are Hong Kong-based Michael Lau, credited with the establishment of the Urban Vinyl movement; Devilrobots, a five-person design team from Japan, known for their television character named TO-FU; American concert poster artist Frank Kozik's Mongers series; and British illustrator James Jarvis' cast of characters, produced as vinyl figures of varying sizes.

A definitive example of designer toys are the Qee series, produced in Hong Kong by Toy2R. The standard size of Qee figures is 2" high, but 8" and 16" figures are also produced. Qees vary in their design, usually with the same basic body type, but with head sculpts that may be of a bear, a cat, a dog, a monkey, or a rabbit. Variations of the Qee are the Toyer with a head that resembles a cartoon skull; the Knuckle Bear, which was created by Japanese character designer Touma, and resembles a graffiti-style caricature of an anthropomorphized bear; and the Qee Egg, a bird's egg with arms and legs. Blank Qees are produced in 2" and 8" sizes; these figures may be of any Qee sculpt, but are packaged unpainted, as do-it-yourself pieces. Each piece is designed by an artist and carries its own aesthetic theme. Each 2" figure is packaged with an optional keychain attachment.

Another popular example of designer toys is the Dunny series, produced by the American company Kidrobot. Dunny figures may be considered the Western counterpart of Qee. Dunny are a series of figures that resemble anthropomorphized rabbits in a cartoon style (a design originally illustrated by graffiti, stencil, and comic artists) which are produced as 3" or 8" figures. There is a variation of the Dunny figure called a Munny, which resembles a monkey. Both styles have unpainted versions, offered as do-it-yourself pieces.

Originaly designed as an online "Art toys" in 2003, Artoyz opened since 2 shop + Galleries in the heart of Paris and Lyon selling thousands of urban figures but alos designer clothes, posters, books, magazines and skateboards. More than a passion, a lifeyle!

45 rue de l’arbre sec
75001 Paris (Ask for Jessie)

18 rue des Capucins, Lyon 1er